EDTA: A Successful Treatment for Lead Poisoning

Currently serving at Spectrum Services in the capacity of Medical Director, Dr. Vinson DiSanto holds certifications in a variety of holistic specialties. Besides being knowledgeable in acupuncture, Vinson DiSanto, M.D., is also well-versed in chelation therapy.

Chelation therapy is a type of medical treatment that is usually indicated for metal poisoning. However, EDTA, or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (the medical name for chelation therapy), is also utilized alternatively to treat life-threatening conditions like cancer or cardiac disease.

EDTA is administered to chelate (bind to) toxic metals, such as lead, mercury, or iron. For this reason, the therapy is recommended for lead poisoning. In fact, EDTA has been an FDA-approved therapy for lead poisoning for the past four decades.

Because the bodily system is unable to break down metals that have accumulated over time, EDTA, or chelation therapy, has proven to be effective in removing the substances. Typically, the therapy involves administering EDTA through the vein; however, the treatment course may also be delivered by mouth. Over time, toxins are released through urination.


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