Common Homeopathic Remedies

Vinson DiSanto, DO, the medical director at Spectrum Services in Miami, Florida, has over 25 years of medical experience. Dr. Vinson DiSanto is a diplomat of the American Academy of Classical Homeopathy and holds a doctor of homeopathic medicine degree.

There a several common homeopathic remedies for mild ailments such as colds, burns, and bruises. One of these is mountain daisy, or arnica. A common remedy in sports medicine, arnica is great for sprains and strains as it reduces pain and quickens the healing process. Phosphate of magnesia is another common remedy; effective for the treatment of cramps, especially menstrual ones, phosphate of magnesia provides relief similar to that of a warm compress.

Hypericum, or St. John’s wort, is a great homeopathic remedy for nerve injuries or injuries to nerve-dense areas of the body. It treats the shooting pains resulting from these types of injuries, and is often the first homeopathic remedy people look to for such treatment. Finally, St. Ignatius bean, also called ignatia, is commonly used by psychiatrists. It treats mild cases of depression, grief, and anxiety.


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